What We Will Do For You

At FAST Systems, we will make sure that you are protected 24/7. We offer many services so you have the choice of how protected you want to be.
Lexington Commercial Security

Commercial Security

Your business is a massive investment. If your workplace suffers a fire, break-in, or other emergency situation, you run the risk of losing inventory, losing assets, or important information getting compromised. To keep your door open for business, trust the security experts at FAST Systems, LLC. We will outfit your workplace with the latest in commercial security technology, with round-the-clock service that never takes a break!

Lexington Fire Protection

Fire Protection

Fires wreak havoc on everything it touches, destroying homes, lives, and property without discretion. A solid plan combined with the best technology from FAST Systems, can help protect what matters to you most. From smoke alarms to temperature sensitive ceiling sprinklers, we have everything you need to detect fires. We will protect you and contain the damage before it goes too far.

Lexington Residential Security

Residential Security

When you have a family, you know that there is only so much you can do against an intruder, a fire, or even an injury. So when you call FAST Systems, you're guaranteed the maximum safety for your home.

Lexington Camera Systems

Camera Systems

Your home or business will be more secure than ever before, thanks to video surveillance cameras that are discreet, high def, and accessible to view from anywhere. During your consultation, we will assess your property and determine the best number and type of cameras to fit your needs, In addition, we also provide monitors and apps that allow you to view and record from your camera.

Lexington Break-In & Burglary Protection

Break-In & Burglary Protection

Protect your home from break-ins and burglars with a comprehensive security system from FAST Systems, LLC. We can protect every inch of your home, including the spots thieves target most. In the event of a break-in, we collect as much evidence as possible on the culprit, to increase the chances of restoring your belongings and bringing the burglar to justice.

Lexington Remote Security Services

Remote Security Services

Step your home security system into the digital age, and connect your mobile phone with the products and services that FAST Systems has to offer! With our mobile app installed, you'll know instantly if your fire, break-in, or carbon monoxide alarm go off in your home. Pair that with mobile access to all of your interior security cameras, and you have a full security system controllable from the palm of your hand.

Lexington Access Control

Access Control

Your keypad is the hub of your home security system, and at FAST Systems we install only the best brands and designs to suit your needs. From simple keypads, card readers, electronic locks for businesses, we have it all.